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The Rising Reputation Of Indian News Online

India, as a nation has always had this urge to know about the happenings across the world. These 'happenings across the world,' popularly known as news, play an important role in everyone's life in India. And initially it was the newspapers from which the Indians got their daily dose of news. The history of Indian newspapers is extremely interesting. With the phenomenon of globalization spreading to every nook and corner of the world, Indians felt that they should be informed and up to date with the recent happenings of the world. And this precise sense actually accelerated the introduction of Indian newspapers. 


The very first newspaper to be published in India was the Calcutta General Advertise. Bengal Gazette which was an endeavor by James Augustus Hickey was introduced in the 1780s and is also considered a harbinger by many. Thereafter there was a steady rise in the number of Indian newspapers daily with Bombay Herald and Bombay Courier becoming extremely popular. Though only English newspapers gained prominence in the 18th century, in the mid 19th century there was a rise of several vernacular newspapers, especially Bengali, Hindi and Marathi. Since then India has seen several remarkable newspapers like The Telegraph, The Times of India, The Statesman and Hindu. 

However, it has been recently seen that most Indians, especially the younger generation prefers Indian news online rather that the daily spreadsheets. Online news has benefited the most with media going online, and with people looking for instant updates and alerts about breaking news, the traditional media is gradually finding itself out of favor. Every time a major incident or event takes place, it is updated immediately on the new sites whereas the newspapers can give you the details next morning only. So with Indian news online, young India stays up to date with all the latest news. 

In fact, Indian news online does not provide mere news, it comes with other interactive tools as well. There are online polling options and you can post your feedback on the site. You also have the option of watching news online. So with the amalgamation of text, video and audio the news sites have basically become an integration of print and broadcast media. Moreover, the online news sites have features that help you to get news alerts on your phone; so you can get minute to minute updates sitting in your office. With so many advantages on offer, it is small wonder that India is going online! 

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