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"The most beautiful book in the world" reflect the relationship between time and character

Elegant typeface or not you're then an attempt is made to represent the time of beauty that flows through the space and the natural world.Celtic art and culture scholar of Mayumi Tsuruoka is, consider the so "time".Function and beauty, and the complex correlation of time, want to think while watching the Navitimer 01 Breitling.

And "writing", "time", he had deep ties from a long time ago.

1, 200 years in front of the medieval European monasteries, Art to write copy of the Bible with the speed has been created.

Today the Bible manuscript "Book of Kells" which is said to be "the most beautiful book in the world" is the decorative character of the design of (around 800, Ireland, completed in Kells Monastery) is it.

Imposing capital letter typeface in ancient Rome had been carved written.But, it is a Shikakushimen to fit tightly on the inner side of the square and circle, pompous stiff facial expression typeface.To quickly scriptorium was not suitable.

But when the Christian Bible manuscripts of Latin spread to Europe no longer must be produced one after another, alternative to Rome font, freshness there is the writing style appeared.

It is a half-uncial (half of the meaning of 1 inch).It is characterized by a lovely lower case of the obvious when compared to the Roman font, the alphabet of stroke soft and sharp.Rounded, so that the swirling flow continuous.

Monks that the scriptorium is, devoted his life, in the quill pen of the wings of birds, at a considerable speed, on parchment and child cowhide paper, was was going to fill the Bible text.

Finished Bible manuscripts, especially "Gospel" is the most important for the sake of evangelism.Evangelist our Celtic Christianity concealed it in a small pochette, still I went out to the mission to the northern extremity and the eastern edge of the European continent that are the heathen.

Irish Treasures "Book of Kells" which is said to be "the most beautiful book in the world" this half-uncial is, among manuscript art of Europe, are transmitted become the alphabet lettering entangled in the most mysterious and complex .

And this typeface is 1, and 200 years later, in the world of Irish pub sign, was revived as the character design of the CD jacket of Celtic music.Typeface only what country of culture is to be seen at a glance in.

In this way a half-uncial as the essence of the golden era of Celtic monastery was boldly preaching to the European continent, it has colored the design history of lettering and typography of Europe.

And beautiful speed some character this typeface was born among the fight against time, If so, the people that can relate most to the beauty and applications might we.

Japanese culture is accepting the Chinese characters, and invented the "kana characters" from there before long, flows more, it is also used now the typeface of the magic that can be read over even break the form. "Cheap "and" A ", and" more than "," it ", is the difference between the" woo "," u ".Promptly full of reverse light Mi is the weight.Flowing like proceeding.

So, there is emerges is a difference in time view of classical Chinese of the Japanese culture.Mana Kana (kana) against (Chinese character) is, everything without even stay moment, slide into surf as soon as possible to "time". "Going of the river flow is committed to constantly to face the image itself ", seemingly all things are always shows the impermanence values ​​and view of nature that will change.
Flowing universe naturally "beauty that time."
Kana character of beauty is reminiscent of the half-uncial of the monks of Ireland.Its slick form or not you're then an attempt is made to represent the "beauty that the time" that flows through the universe naturally.

This is because rather than remain as heavy sculpture is the "time", because already it is one of beauty because flowing away.

If its outline if there is a thing called form in time, swirling loosely, or not than in the form similar to Kana characters and half-Anshar.

Smokestack society and reverse.Even the universe nature of people world, "cyclical time" view that transformation to be reproduced, have been built there.

The first place is the courage in the "Time", "Do not stay" here now and, he a gracious hero.Modern Quality Replica Avenger watches to its aesthetics also is secret within the delicate mechanism, it is the standing Kaori on the arm of the hero of doing of elegant body and a speed.

Mayumi Tsuruoka ◎ Tama Art University and Arts Anthropology Institute, Celtic Arts and Culture & euro = Asian exchanges history researchers.Investigate the traditional design of the east and west countries.Book in the "Celtic history", "Sun Moon Fire Wednesday, Thursday, Friday soil" (both co-authored) and many others.

1952 was born Breitling masterpiece pilot watch "navigation timer".Chronograph was the first time equipped with a for aviation rotating slide rule in the world, attract the fans watch the beautiful functional beauty.Its founder Navitimer new work, which follows the design philosophy of, have been released only 400 in Japan only from April this year.A New masterpiece luxury drifts in the face of grace to set a white gold emblem.

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