Bob Ford

Most people consider learning to The Flat Belly Code be the conscious acquisition of new knowledge or skills. For example studying math problems, balancing on a bike or mastering a piece of music. In reality the vast majority of learning takes place in our brain while we are unaware or even asleep. Our brain is always monitoring our experiences and emotions and making associations so we can make predictions and plans about the future. This is neuroplasticity. You can't turn it off, and you have limited awareness of it most of the time. But there have been many new and exciting studies that show us that we do have a lot of control over this neuroplastic process. This means that your brain can change for the good, but it can also change for the bad. Changing for good literally means both change in a positive direction AND change for a lifetime.

What does neuroplasticity or brainchanging have to do with eating? Eating is one our very first actions and it is repeated over and over again throughout our lifetime. So we make some very strong eating habits which translate to very strong brain associations. Habits are formed by repeating things over and over and they are reinforced by other experiences that support a particular behavior. We know that eating is a highly rewarding action - it needs to be because it is crucial to our survival. So we are always driven to seek food when we are hungry but our brain also rewards us whenever we eat. Well some of life's rewards are small and some are much much more. Of course usually our brain thinks more is better and much more of a good thing is better still. Who wouldn't rather be rewarded with dollar than a nickel? The same hold's true with eating rewards. The basic reward of eating is easily supplemented or amplified by other life experiences.

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