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Endowment policies should have Allstate Auto Insurance Quote been sold to customers willing to accept the risks involved with them. If you are normally a careful or cautious investor then a less riskier repayment mortgage would possibly have been better for you. There always was a risk that your endowment would not cover the mortgage, but had you known about that risk at the time would you have still taken out a policy?
If the answer is "no", then you should not have bee sold the policy - you are a victim of misselling. Instead of an interest only mortgage, you should have been offered a standard repayment mortgage.
Finding out whether a claim is worthwhile progressing is quite painless - just contact a suitable solicitor. Many have tools on their websites that will quickly allow you to determine whether a claim might succeed and this, as well as talking to the solicitor is normally free.

If you might have a claim the solicitor will help you through the paperwork and deal with the insurance company for you. They will also check your compensation and make sure that the offer is correct.
If you want to know whether you can claim, look at one of the many available sites. It only takes a minute to find out the answer or you can just leave your contact details and someone will call you back.
Most every small business owner is aware of the need of having insurance to protect themselves. It was only a given that the pet care industry would see the importance of having an insurance policy to protect them-and their clients-if an unfortunate event did happen to arise. Pet sitters and dog walkers around the world are coming to see that it is essential to their business (whether part-time or full-time) to have pet sitter's insurance, and the insurance industry
Pet sitters are animal lovers. They were wise in spotting the change in society and family living and have stepped forward to fill the needs that many pet owners have. In days past, animals were free to roam and many were outside pets. Having an "inside" pet was generally not the norm, but as society changed, so has the way that pets live.

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