Bob Ford

Last Saturday, the Wolfpack of Ar - Kansas( Still no " W " in the word )found out that the TIDE can play musical QB's and still get it done. The TIDE rolled 57 - 7 and I guarantee you that head coach Nick Saban is still upset because the Wide Receiver didn't look at the camera after he crossed the goal line and say " Hi MOM!" . Its conference play time FBers and with the Musical QB setup, Saban keeps the critics guessing. Hurts is the " Cam NEWTON" of the pair with his ability to escape the pocket and run for the 1st down himself! Tangavioloa's accuracy in passing makes Joe Montana or Joe Namath wanna watch this kid when he is in the backfield Joshua Jacobs Jersey.. Vaughn Hemmingway Stadium, 6pm in Mississippi is the road site for this dog fight! If the REBELS can get it done Scott Meyer Jersey, they put down the No 1 team in America and derail the 2 - 0 CRIMSON TIDE! I will take NOYJING from the RED Wolves, but there is no tougher conference than the SEC, & 2 SEC powerhouses are about 2 GO 2 WAR!!!!!

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